Research and development stages are well underway. We started the search for the best labs to work with for the manufacture and distribution of our supplement ideas.



Manufacturing and testing had begun in 2018. This lasted a year, we wanted to get the right mixtures to give our customers the best supplements we can manufacture, whilst keeping to the FDA standards.



Go-Loaded is born, our website is in it’s infancy and is being created. Social media accounts are being designed ready for full launch.



Covid19 has hit and we were confined to our homes, the manufacturing plants were closed. However, this did not stop the launch of the website and first online sales being made. 



We are fully launched and ready to sell our supplements.

Buy the Best for your Kids

“Billy Bacteria” belongs to Go-Loaded, our childern’s brand which helps to educate kids on the importance of taking supplements as part of their diets. 

The Labs

Our labs and manufacturing processes have been fully approved by the FDA and fully abide by all UK laws and regulations. So you are in safe hands.

Kind to environment

We love the world we live in and want to protect it for the future generation to enjoy. That is why we have decided to make our packaging 100% recyclable and kind to our environment.


Appreciate Quality

We have worked extremely hard to manufacture the perfect mixtures for all of our vitamins and supplements. We strive to be the very best, we don’t settle for anything less.


Customer Care

We work very hard to provide the best in support. When a ticket is received, you will always be talking to the same customer care representative. This helps with quality of care, we will not pass you on.

Shipping Worldwide

It does not matter where in the world you live, as we ship to every country in the world. We wanted to offer our products to everybody, we are pleased to announce, we do just that.

Have anymore questions on your mind?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and our support teams are on hand to help with any enquiry. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are your Supplements real?

Yes! All of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Which means we are bound by UK British laws, rules and regulations, that are all very strictly followed.

Is your website safe to order from?

Our shop is very secure and runs on an SSL certificate which provides a secure connection between you and us. We do not save credit or debit card information in our database.

How long does delivery take?

This can vary since we ship worldwide, depending on where you are in the world will depend on delivery date. If you are from the UK we ship next business day and UK delivery usually takes between 3-5 business days.

How do you package the products?

We ship all products in discreet packaging, so nobody will know what you have ordered. 

We are Responsible